The Asha

Sector: Whitley Street
Stardate: 27 May 2005
Event: New restaurant!
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The first new curry house to appear in the Quadrant since the Blue Ginger over two years ago. We explored this strange new world two days after it openned, seemingly going boldly there before anyone had been there before.
AMBIANCE Contemporary

Decor: Modern: peachy magnolia walls superposed with large brown ellipses "Chocolate buttons" (Bennett). Even the extractor fan was decorated.
Music: Twangy authentic stuff with funky yet subtle undertones.

SERVICE Attentive

Time to get served: 18 minutes.
Favourite menu description: of the Chicken Tikka Korma: "Barbequed king prawns".


Popadums and chutneys: Five dips: lime pickle, yoghurt, jamy chutney, lemony thing, onion thing.
Lime pickle: "Tastes good but looks like a fruit salad".

MAIN COURSES AND DESERTS Room for improvement

Vegetable Paneer: "Delicious - really good" (Hogan).
Lamb Korma: "A bit chewy" (Peubey).
Ckicken Bhuna: "A lot smaller than expected, run of the mill, chewy, odd (2.5/5)" (Davies).
Chicken Korma: "Chicken tough, and I've just discovered a pineapple" (Shonk).
Garlic Chicken: "Garlic undetectable, chicken tender, onion and random vegetables underdone and crunchy; if Reading was a curry, this would be it; bland and uninteresting".
Vegetable Pasanda: "No opinion as this is my first ever curry" (Van den Hoof).
Vegetable Massala: "Good".

Buffet option Egg-fried rice Liqueur coffees Hot towels Sweets with bill

Key: Yes No Too drunk to remember


Not bad given it has just openned - worth visiting again. We award the Asha 3 Cobras: