Blue Ginger

Sector: Wokingham Road
Stardate: 4 December 2002
Event: Nicolas Gaussiat's 1-year aniversary in Reading
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In the swirling cloud of hydrogen, helium and singed cumin seeds left in the wake of the overdue supernova of the India Palace, we discovered a young star struggling towards the main sequence. After a few months the "Opening Soon" signs were removed, so, avoiding the gravitational pull of the Garden of Gulab just across the road, we were eventually able to venture nervously into the Blue Ginger, tricorders in hand.
AMBIANCE Contemporary

Decor: Modernist - oranges and blues provided a contemporary feel to the place, a bit like the Sizzling Wok (Thai restaurant on Christchurch Road) but more colourful.
Music: Crap - R&B, cheesy sax then pseudo-french-almost-'Allo-'allo-type strings.

SERVICE Eager to please

Time to get served: 45 minutes, although had starters in that time.

STARTERS Excellent

Popadums & Chutneys: 4 dips: orange fluid (same colour as the walls: left over paint?), mint, spicy thing and dull onion.
Lime pickle: Powerfull.
Onion bagees: Excellent, delicious.

MAIN COURSES AND DESERTS Very good, very hot

Prawn Jalfrezi: Asked for a Prawn Balti, but ended up getting Enterprise-grade antimatter fuel which sent my mouth to warp 9 as it annihilated my tongue. You probably don't want to know this, but it hurt as much coming out as it did going in.

Buffet option Egg-fried rice Sweet Lassi Liqueur coffees Hot towels Sweets with bill

Key: Yes No Too drunk to remember


Very impressive, especially given that they had only been open for two weeks. On the bill it said "Blue Ginger, Oxford", suggesting it had moved from Oxford recently, which could explain it. Anyway, definitely worth a visit if you want a change from the usual Friday Gulab or Sardar. We award the Blue Ginger 4 Cobras:

Everyone smiling, except bashful Ewan.
Note the picture on the wall...

A friendly waiter.

Prime Directive: Naan trek shall be conducted under experimental conditions and a policy of non-interference shall be observed; that is, the restaurant should not be aware that a review is being conducted, as it might affect the quality of the food and invalidate comparisons with other restaurants.