Garden of Gulab

Sector: Wokingham Road
Stardate: Thursday 16 March 2000
Event: Rich Dixon passing his viva
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AMBIANCE The classic Reading curry experience

Decor: Cosy and pleasant with crescent-moon light fittings.
Music: Semi-authentic twangy sounds that make the perfect accompaniment to a good curry. For four years they had played the same CD but we think it has changed now. Shame.


Time to get served: 25 minutes.
Favourite menu description: "Most thrilling chilled!" (on Kingfisher).


Popadums and Chutneys: Good. Choice of five chutneys.
Lime pickle: "Potent and moist", big lumps of lime.
Onion bagees (1.85): Three but not very big and not the greatest taste. A bit starchy inside. Microwaved?

MAIN COURSES Exceptionally good chicken, Veg Dansak also a classic

Chicken Tikka Masala: Succulent, obviously charred before as it should be, "Fantastic, knocks two shades of s*** out of Devanna chicken" (R. Dixon).
Chicken Dupiaza: "10/10 compared with 3/10 at Sardar" (Holden).
Chicken Pasanda: "Gorgeous, but too much corriander."
Garlic Chicken: Medium hot, "lovely and tender".
King Prawn Vindaloo: Not very hot, OK though, perhaps a bit greasy.
Vegetable Dansak (3.50): "Not too sweet, not too savoury - just right (except lentils a bit overcooked)".

Buffet option Egg-fried rice Liqueur coffees Hot towels Sweets with bill

Key: Yes No Too drunk to remember


The best chicken dishes on the planet, the cook is a genius. For providing consistantly good curry on a regular basis (and indeed being a second home for many of us), the Garden of Gulab is awarded 5 Cobras and a big flaming Ring Stinger Award:

7 October 2001 Several people have questioned whether the Gulab really merits 5 Cobras. I should stress that the grade is awarded based on our experience on a single evening, and this assessment was performed in March 2000 before the Gulab fell into the hands of its `New Management'.

29 October 2001 A more recent review is available.