The Gulshan

Sector: Opposite the station
Stardate: 28 November 2003
Event: Wanted to review the Gulshan for ages. Go back to Naan Trek home page

AMBIANCE Comfortable

Decor: Turquoise walls, Doric pseudo-pillars, whitewashed arched alcoves containing shapely vases and Persian pouring thingumys. Pleasant.
Music: None!!! Until 12:15am when they put on some typical Indian Curry music.

SERVICE Professional

Time to get served: 20 minutes I think.

STARTERS Excellent

Popadums, chutneys and lime pickle: Not had.
Chat-e-phal: "Fruit salad with corriander, chick peas and salad - actually very tasty, superb even" (Geer).
Vegetable Samosas: "Very nice potato centre" (Hogan); "Normal" (Migliorini).
Onion bagees: "Flat, very crispy, not gooey, really good, soft on inside" (Dixon)


Muter Paneer (as a main dish): "Too many peas and not spicey enough, although cheese OK" (Hogan).
Chicken Murg Masala: in a voluminous bowl... "Burmuda triangle of taste: vast unexplored area in which you might get lost; definitely good quantity. Quite hot, nice" (Geer).
Subzi Kofta "Rich on outside, fluffy on inside. Surface area to volume ratio too small. They don't taste of much although sauce is pleasant and strong" (Dixon). "Look like turds" (Geer).
Prawn Korma "Too creamy - would be OK if I'd had rice. Like the consistancy of the prawns, too spicey to be called `mild', really like it though" (Dragani).

Buffet option Egg-fried rice Sweet Lassi Liqueur coffees Hot towels Sweets with bill

Key: Yes No Too drunk to remember


Away team was depleted mid-curry when Stefano felt pukey and left. Nothing to do with the food, probably induced by getting the dregs of a barrel of evasively titled "I can't remember" Ale in the Hobgoblin earlier. Anyway, the food was good and 3 well-deserved cobras are awarded. Could easily get 4 on another occasion..