Kathmundu Kitchen

Sector: Whitley Street
Stardate: Friday 18 February 2000
Event: First episode of TOS
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For the first episode of The Original Series (a.k.a. Curry Review 2000) we visited the Kathmundu Kitchen shortly after it had opened.


Decor: Very smart with its red and yellow walls, wooden floor and frosted windows. Lights too bright though.
Music: "Atmospheric" semi-authentic pan pipes.

SERVICE Excellent

Time to get served: 25 minutes.
Favourite menu description: Menu descriptions either very cursory or non-existant.


Popadums and Chutneys: Popadums "a bit soft", spicy ones not very spicy. Three dips excluding lime pickle.
Lime pickle: Medium/mild but very tasty with innovative inclusion of carrots.
Onion bagees (2.50): Very nice, but it seems guys get 3 while girls get 2!

MAIN COURSES AND DESERTS Good but sometimes bland

Vegetable Dansak (3.40): "Non-descript, bland compared to Gulab" (Dixon)
Prawn Dansak (5.35): "Just right" (Gregory)
Something Vindaloo: "Milder than most, 7/10" (Allan)
Chicken Dansak (4.95): "A bit bland" (Tansley)
Chicken Shashlick: "Good/OK, 7/10" (Holden)
Prawn Chilli: "Smashing" (Hogan)

Buffet option Egg-fried rice Liqueur coffees Hot towels Sweets with bill

Key: Yes No Too drunk to remember


Somewhere worth revisiting after they've been open for a bit longer. We award the Kathmundu Kitchen 3 Cobras: