Sardar Palace

Sector: Cemetery Junction
Stardate: Sunday 12 March 2000
Event: Finishing the Reading Half-Marathon
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AMBIANCE Truly a palace

Decor: Plush and spacious. With particularly nice light fittings.
Music: Dim recollection - someone recalls hearing vaguely Indian music but perhaps with a mouth organ at one point... I guess it was "non-intrusive".


Time to get served: 20 minutes.
Favourite menu description: "A taste surpassing all expectations."

STARTERS Saved by the Bagees

Popadums: Not particularly exciting. Wrong number of them, spicy when not requested.
Lime pickle and other chutneys: Only three things: "Potent, hot and tasty" lime pickle, "boring" onion, and yoghurt.
Onion bagees: Crispy-edged and nice.


Chicken Tikka Dupiaza: "Bland" (Holden).
Bombay Potatoes: Nice big portion.
Vegetable Dansak: "Good but not up to Gulab standards - varied mix of veg but could have been sweeter" (Dixon).
Prawn Patia: "Quite hot".
Chicken Tikka something "OK, nothing special" (Shine).

Buffet option Egg-fried rice Liqueur coffees Hot towels Sweets with bill

Key: Yes No Too drunk to remember


Certainly on a good day one can have a great curry here, but this particular visit was not particularly exciting and again was let down by the dismal service. We therefore award the Sardar Palace 2 Cobras: