Standard Tandoori

Sector: Caversham Road
Stardate: Wednesday 13 February 2002
Event: First mission of 2002
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A small band of insatiable curryholics were undeterred by the fact that England were playing a friendly against the Netherlands that evening, and bravely set out through the pouring rain to the other side of Reading and to what must surely be one of the most illustrious curry houses in the quadrant; which other can claim the Dalai Lama as one of its patrons?


Decor: The low ceiling and abundance of folliage gave the room an airy but cosy feel, augmented by the paintings of mountains and porcelain Buddhist faces.
Music: Very quiet but authentic. The main sound was rippling water from the room's lighted fountain centrepiece. Delightful.

SERVICE Very friendly and attentive

Time to get served: Around 30 minutes, can't quite remember.
Favourite menu description: "The taste is self explanatory: try it you'll never choose any other dish" (on the "Standard Super", which is bascially Chicken Tikka).

STARTERS Room for some improvement

Popadums and chutneys: Crispy popadums, but only three dips: an impressively potent carrotty thing but underwhelming bitter yoghurt and vinegary onion.
Lime pickle: None, although the carrotty thing was an acceptable replacement.
Onion bagees (2.80): An abundance of dry crunchy edge, but not enough middle - if you like burnt toast you'd probably appreciate it.


Vegetable Kofta: "Nice, but bland balls compared to the Gulab" (Dixon).
Lamb Passanda Dry Fry (6.95): "Very very tasty!" (Pavelin).
Aloo Thuma: "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" (Hodson).
Chana Masala Dry: Chick peas: "Moist, succulent and spicy" (Hodson).
Chicken Madras (5.10): "Meat perhaps a bit tough, but `tingling' sauce really good" (Woolings).
Poleka Machha (7.50): A bony fish on a rather spartan bed of vegetables "OK, but would benifit from some sauce" (Hogan).

Buffet option Egg-fried rice Sweet Lassi Liqueur coffees Hot towels Sweets with bill

Key: Yes No Too drunk to remember


Well, I suppose on technical merit one could find a few things to criticise, such as the lacklustre popadum dips, but the evening was such a good laugh that we all agreed that on artistic impression it deserved 4 Cobras:

Maybe this generosity has something to do with how many of them we drunk.