The Waterfall

Sector: Silverdale Road
Stardate: Some Thursday, spring 2000
Event: No event, just hungry
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AMBIANCE The curry house that taste forgot

Decor: Cheesy animated waterfall "light" pictures on the walls - you'll either love them or hate tham. Also some fake orange and banana trees.
Music: Authentic but "a little chinese".

SERVICE Could do better

Time to get served: 25 minutes.
Favourite menu description: Can't remember any notable ones.

STARTERS Top pickle

Popadums and Chutneys: Fine, three dips.
Lime pickle: Very hot, but palatable nonetheless: "deceptively powerful" (Heaps). Innovative inclusion of olives.
Onion bagees: Not had.

MAIN COURSES AND DESERTS Poor for the above-average prices

Prawn Dansak (7.95): "Too sweet".
Chicken Handi (House Speciality): "Thumbs up!"
Tamarind Chicken: "Nice, makes a change".
Lamb something: 6/10.

Buffet option Egg-fried rice Liqueur coffees Hot towels Sweets with bill

Key: Yes No Too drunk to remember


Not the most outstanding curry house, especially given the prices. May be worth a more thorough (and sober) reappraisal in a few years. We award the Waterfall 2 Cobras: